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We worked together, we fell in love, we got married. We couldn’t find an album company that combines: good quality, fair pricing, an easy ordering experience and help from a creative album designer that captures the uniqueness of the wedding - from cover to cover. So... we started Yours Truly. Enjoy the experience!

Paging through our wedding album brought back many unforgettable moments of the day that we committed our love to each other. It was 11 years ago when we first met. No, it wasn’t “love at first sight”. It started as a platonic friendship, progressed to “best of friends”, and not surprisingly…our “friendship” turned into “courtship”. Many of our friends predicted we’d eventually fall in love and get married and yet…we were the only ones who were oblivious to this.

Fast forwarding to today, there’s this explainable warmth in our hearts that can only be felt by having a soul mate. Perhaps it is this deep connection that we have for each other. Or, our sense of fulfillment to continue to share our life. For whatever the reasons, we take so much joy in being married every day.

As we flipped through the last page of our wedding album…we both looked at each other and, from that moment we knew we had a common goal in mind. All engaged or married couples MUST have wedding albums so they can experience the same joy we felt in reminiscing the day we gave our promises as husband and wife.

Yours Truly was created for all couples who enjoy celebrating their love, and want to create a meaningful and tangible heirloom that can be passed on to generations. Whether your love story is just starting or you’re already a few chapters into it, we’ll make sure to tell your story in a way that you’ll swear we were there!


Yours Truly,
Zoe and Chad

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Welcome to YoursTruly!
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